March Update

Sun Araw, Predator Vision, Atlantic City, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, Charade, Watchmen.  Kurt Vile/Eternal Tapestry/Whines/Eat Skull live in Historic Kenton.  The Historic Kenton vibe in general.  The Jesse Ramone vibe, in general.  March blooms.  The New American Novel.  Mountains powdered with snow like donuts.  Donuts.  Vanilla Coke.  Brie/baguette lunch snacks in Laurelhurst Park.  Lunch cart delights in downtown parks.  Mini-drives at sunset.  Seagulls.  Crunch Wrap Supreme.  2666.  Leonard Michaels.  Philip Roth.  Pocahaunted.  Louis Wain cats.  Sentinel Neighborhood Cats, always keeping watch.  Yoko Ono, in general.  Beatles mono bootlegs, oh yeah.  The Goose Hollow Inn.  Magazines: TLS/NY Review of Books/Believer/Wire/Dazed&Confused/London Review of Books/New Yorker/Harper’s.  Porco Rosso.  Homemade vegan pizza.  April 9th is our 2nd Portland Fort Saint Davids Event: 20 Short Stories About 20 Towns in New Jersey.  Being in love, in general.  Secret SW Hills stone apartment complexes populated by who knows.  Secret stairways into the hills.  Hidden mansions.  Painted palm trees.  Good friends.  Sea lion freedom.  KCRW’s Bookworm.  Mississippi Records and Tapes.  Popcorn and a soda and a movie.  Happiness and longer days and winter’s final farewell.  Spring is coming soon.


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