80’s Rapesax, Cont.

Ok.  Alright listen up.  There is absolutely nothing, NOTHING that we can say about the above video that won’t be confirmed 3000x by just turning up your volume, dimming the lights, and watching the whole godforsaken thing.  If you only watch ONE video out of the completely nightmarish collection that we have horrifically curated for you, holy crap friends this is the one.  Every worrisome theme and uncomfortable undertone we have discussed is present in this video up front and center.  Please note the frequency of the sax player’s appearance, who at first is known only as a phantom rapesax melody but more reoccuringly shows up as some kind of apparition of intimacy as the man and the woman walk down the street and actually walk past — without even looking over — at the white man playing saxophone outside of a bleakly closed electronics store.  The end of the video is completely unreal and confirms everything we have said here in the past few posts and then some.  Also of note is the frequency of Miami Vice.  A lazy critic would say this is bccause the song was commissioned as a tie-in video for the television series but we, well, we’re just not that lazy.

Was the American television show Miami Vice (1984-1989) some kind of secret corner/touchstone to the whole wretched 80’s Noir/Neo Trash/Crackpipe/Rapesax Micro-Genre?  The Real Neon Day-Glo Nightmare from whence the shadows are truly cast?  You tell me, man.  We will send you no further than the following scene.  Again, we implore you watch the video in its entirety.


Miami Vice.


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