The Discussion Continues: One Reader Writes

re: 80s neo-noir, rape-y saxophone genre of awful
I distinctly remember some cartoon (it may have been more than one, or it may have been a movie) that was always coming on UPN or TBS in the late 80s/early 90s in the afternoon when I got home from school. Don’t know the name and can’t remember any particular plotline but it was very gritty, urban a la New York in the 80s but with like, more industrial yards or abandoned freight cars in foggy, destitute fields. Perpetually dark, grey, foggy city. The show was about detectives/cops, always wearing wide brimmed hats, 1930s suits, sleaves rolled up. I can’t really remember any female characters. The main character(s?) was (were) always chasing criminals, down alleyways or across rooftops or something. Actually, they always seemed to be in some back alleyway or something…dirty puddles of water everywhere. Kind of Lynchian/definitely scary for a 5 or 6 year old to be watching. It may have been anime. It was definitely so shitty. I remember when it would come on, I’d immediately get a headache. There was saxophone music for sure, but I remember it being like, put over some more action-y theme music in the beginning. The show probably wasn’t on the air for very long, and it may have even been rerun when I saw it, because it was on one of those shitty network tv channels. I’ve tried looking for it on youtube but haven’t found anything that comes close. It’s really the embodiment of that whole terrible genre. Maybe you can find it.

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