Dewing It Country Cool

OK wow, these videos.  Funny to think before X-Treme sports there was: Mountain Dew Commercials.  We love pretty much everything about these videos, and we highly suggest you watch them all in a row so as to get the insane tune lodged in your head for a week.  It gives us a feelings, this one.  And that weird bridge?  It’s like beyondo emotional.  Jayzus.

This one is particularly wild: just some cowboys driving 80’s/Bigfoot style monster trucks racing on some kind of dusty mesa, concluding with a cowboy being thrown off a pier into a river, cowboy hat still on his head.

Dude seriously: Actual cowboys surfing on horses in a river.  I mean yeah.  Yeah!

Bro!  Come on!  Skateboarding feckin COWBOYS.  DA FUG?!?!

Suffice it to say that deep in our Zelda-addled pre-teens, we’d watch these commercials in between sugary doses of Thundercats and Silverhawks and think: fuck yes.  We are going to do these extreme things ourselves some day, if only they would release us, if only they’d let us, if only we could just…escape this basement, with this empty box of pizza, with this grubby Nintendo controller, these mint/NM Todd McFarlane comic books, and all these cracked-case Motley Crue cassettes.  Some day they’ll see.  Some day they’ll know!

Meanwhile, looking at the image of the 80’s version of the can, I have this feeling like the Dew WAS a little more refreshing back then.  It seems more syrupy now, doesn’t it?  When things get hot, cool is all you got.  Well.  It was all you had.


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