We’re Gonna Make It


Hello, and welcome once again to the Daily Miltonian: Your #1 Source for All Things Live, Active, Thoughtful, and Miltonian. I’m your host, Fort Saint Davids. Today’s photographic accompaniment hails from Summer 2008, the sweet taste of which still lingers on our mental tongues like divine finish of Valhallan elixir. In other words: strong stuff, best vintage.


A couple items for this gray/cold Saturday afternoon here in beautiful downtown Portland, Oregon. First up we’ve got Lost, which is back, and is now officially Batshit Fuckin’ Crazy, which is the Highest Attainable Level of Miltonian Awe and Praise possible. Wednesday can’t come soon enough.


Speaking of Wednesday: the final issue of Final Crisis is actually coming out and we couldn’t be more excited. I mean wow, what a series, right? If the last issue was any indication, this one is going to go down as the Greatest Event Book in the history of comics — maybe not for everyone, but DEF for those of the Miltonian Persuasion. We’re just re-read Grant Morrison’s JLA Classified run (Ultramarine Corps!), we’re finally going through Seven Soldiers, dipping into his Animal Man and JLA proper runs, and are even re-reading the whole RIP thing straight from the Kubert issues because seriously? It’s pretty clear at this point that all of Morrison’s DC work is one Great Big Fuggin story, just as the whole 70 plus year history of the DCU is, in Morrison’s eyes, one Great Big Fuggin story, and maaaang oh mang, what a Great Fuggin story it is. This is Modern Mythology the way the Greeks couldn’t even begin to imagine, because this is a world where everyone is literate and anyone can write it. Marvel kinda died on us sometime not too long ago. We’re all DC kids now. Y’dig? Call us floppy-reading flip-floppers. But the Distinguished Competition has done right by us.


Windmills beware: Alexander Zahradnik and Erik Bader are reviving the True Jersey project just One More Time, this time to create what they’re tentatively calling True Jersey, Volume One: The Definitive Addition. Not to be confused with the Annotated True Jersey, Volume One, which got started and scrapped in the blink of a 2008 day. No, this one is playing for keeps, for no reason other than to give a failed project a proper burial, or maybe just get the thing in the Hands of the People the right way. Considerations include a zine-quality serialization, with updated text by Bader and streamlined design by Zahradnik, all overseen by newest FSD Counselor Joshua D. Carr and illustrated by M.C. Doyle. Will it actually happen? Who the fug knows, but we figured if we announce our intentions here you’ll be there to bug us not to fug the whole thing up. Help us with our sure-fire no-loss plan, something like pre-subscribers pay for the first printing and assured sell-outs pay for the 2nd edition, and so forth. Give us the model, we’ll give you the goods.


Did we mention the food? We may have. But yeah, there’s photography of some of the Completely Delicious Food that we’ve been nourishing ourselves with, here at the FSD Lodge. Keep your eyes peeled and your appetites hungry, we’ve got a feast for your eyes coming right up.


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