This Week: Gift the Gift of the Miltonian

Everyone has a friend or loved one who loves literature, photography, music or film.  So why not give them the gift that’s sure to keep on giving: the Daily Miltonian.  As any long-time reader can attest, each hand-crafted entry on your Daily Miltonian is jam-packed with thoughtful insights, provocative photography, and a bare-minimum of headache inducing links, which tend to send a reader away from a page.  At the Miltonian, we like to keep you right here with us, the place where you belong.  So please, if you know someone who has all the makings of a proper Miltonian (flair, style, taste, chutzpah, an ord) send them the only link that matters, the link of the Miltonian.  Check daily, check obsessively, and always bookmark in good health.

Take note: the more traffic this place gets, the more content we’ll provide.  That’s our Miltonian promise.  You read it, we’ll write it.  So what are you waiting for?  Send out your Miltonian links today!  We’ll be right here when you get back.


One thought on “This Week: Gift the Gift of the Miltonian

  1. Dearest Miltonian,
    Corgis have been known as “Your Tomorrows Best Friend” and are truly Miltonian worthy! I can only hope that by pledging my support, by sending fistfuls of delicious spam to my friends, family and foes inserting the Daily link into each, that the number of corgis represented on this site will increase exponentially.

    Wow, oh boy and THAANKS!

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