Great Depression

Recession Habits, 2009.

Rentals: Netflix.  Recent perfect films included Days of Heaven, Cisco Pike, and The Conversation.

Comics: DC only.  Marvel got dropped.  And currently just the books penned by Grant Morrison and Geoff Johns.  If there’s anything else I’m missing, let me know.  Secret Six, anyone?

Vinyl: Generally just Mississippi Records.  Hands down the most nourishing and only 10 bucks a pop.  Now they’ve got a tape series, we’re heading up to the store to scope them today, actually.  Plus under-ten used scores all over town.

Food: Homecooked, handcrafted, and always delicious.  Some of our recently FSD Meals will soon be posted here at the Miltonian for your savoring pleasure.  Stay hungry.

Alcohol: waste of money in ’09.  Get buzzed on: poetry, winter woods, laughter, romance, mineral water.

Novels & Literature: we’re sharing the books these days.  Current: The Gift by Lewis Hyde and 2666 (3-volume slipcase edition) by Roberto Bolano, on sale at Powell’s.

Serialized Television: Deadwood Season 1, Buffy Season 4, Battlestar Galactica Season 3, Wire Season 2 (2nd viewing).  Plus Lost/Office/Fringe when they return (any day now!) And that new Whedon series in February, Dollhouse.  We’ll give that a try.

Films in Theaters we’d like to see: Revolutionary Road, The Wrestler, Milk.  Benjamin Button was OK, really pretty to watch.  50 days until Watchmen.

RIP Andrew Wyeth.  We’re from those areas, met his grandson in the 80’s, got haunted by the same Brandwine Valley, same river, same skies.  Saw the retrospective at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and will never forget it.  He always brought us back home.  Now you really can’t go home again.  So it goes.


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