Autumn Four: A Retrospective


All that hoopla, wild holidays, strange days, and we gone done forgot all about our steadfast duty to you, our ever-faithful reader.  And by duty we mean Dutiful Documentation, of every season, not just part one, or two, or even three.  Meaning: we forgot all about Autumn Four.  Easily the ripest and most rewarding of the penultimate season’s quarters, A4 in Portland, Oregon was nothing short of a knockout.  Like outta the park, Phils in the World Series style.  Color us impressed.  Here’s the evidence.


I suppose this space could be used for other updates.  We were back up on the North Side this afternoon (without a camera, unfortunately, so no photos exist of the poured-gold ale-pint sunset that melted all over the town, pines and firs emerging in the sun-bathed hills like buoys on a sea of molten wheat, Whitmanic in its widescreen grandeur.  Days of Heaven indeed!), nosing around Mississippi Records, and we discovered a fourth new LP, this one called I Woke Up One Morning in May, with a definite return to BLUES, in a way we can’t argue with.  Gripped the latest in their cassette series.  Peep:01-16-09_16151

That place can do no wrong.  Well OK, the “OMG wait till you hear about MY wild night last night!” crummy PBRpsters who somehow get hired to bum out potential customers  at such a magical place  sometimes do wrong, but once I get home with my sweet wax and drop the needle the tunes instantly erase any Jerk-Buzz left lingering in my old ears.  Phew!



Crisp days, fog-damp nights, and colors!  Colors!  That was our Ord for A4.  We were thankful that the rain came gently, in gentle mists rather than savage torrents, and then winter came with snows!  Of course we beg you to stay tuned to our Humble Online Magazine for the People as we DO have documentation of said snows.  We’re just waiting for the rainy day when it’s time to show ya.



It should be noted that the majority of these Falls Photos were snapped within the vicinity of the Goose Hollow neighborhood of Southwest Portland.  That’s generally where we be.


All the best, and we’ll see you next post.


One thought on “Autumn Four: A Retrospective

  1. A return to form , surely. Keep up the hardy reporting, FSD! More info about yr sessions with those tapes! And more pics and stories of the people who make Portland weird.

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