Two Thousand Nine

Welcome back.  Another year, another post, and you know what?  I can’t believe it either.  The Miltonian remains.

Does 2009 even need the Daily Miltonian?  An unreliable blog born well over two years ago with nary a format change or even a facelift.  Is it a creaking old machine yet?  Or one of those ‘comfort’ sites, a place where you know you can click and get the same results every time, year in, year out (see: McSweeney’s.)?

We never know what you want here, so we just give you what we got.  Today?  Here’s your Saturday Morning Cartoons.  Enjoy with sugary cereal and fuck it crack open a soda too.  Our vote?  Vanilla Coke.

Happy New Year, reader.  Another year, another post.  Onward.


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