Autumn III

These days, these unbelievably perfect days. You started with the sweater, you added the scarf. Now for the jackets. Autumn III is firmly upon us, an often underrated season that most people don’t know extends well into December (Winter I begins on Dec. 21st this year). Our kind of day is a day like yesterday, grayblue sky, Degas weather, coffees in hand, tramping around downtown among the crowds, a discussion of authors (from Brodkey to Berryman, Lewis Hyde to Lewis Lapham), an exchange of ideas. Head down to the river, ride the Willamette Greenway Trail, on bicycles, over damp leaves past flowing water. Baguette and cheese along the reedy banks, seagulls circle and cry overhead while geese tamp and peck in a nearby patch of wet grass. Boats tethered to docks. A sailboat, heading somewhere. Discussion. Weather drifting. Ideas.

Or else just talking film, through the streets of Southeast Portland, past porches, under trees. The films of Nick Roeg, the work of Monte Helleman, the new James Bond: what interests you, these days? What are you watching in the comfort of your own home or in the theaters of your town, now that it’s Autumn III?

Speaking of film: here’s the new trailer for Star Trek.

It’s late at night, the wind whipping through trees, the highway wooshing nearby, and baby it’s cold outside. What to do? How about a little jaunt down the hill, in search of neigborhood cats hiding in the shadows, waiting to purr? At the corner store we purchase chips and Perrier in a plastic bottle. Paris is wherever you want it to be.

Read stuff. Chris Ware’s latest Acme Novelty Library is out, we’re still on Augie March and we’ve also started Mao II, the Believer is readable again (we always change our mind about this) and there’s a new n+1 out any day now — yes, we’ll get it, they always get one more chance from us. Wrath of the Lich King is high on our Entertainment List these days, a long overdue revisit to Lost Season 1 (we can barely wait for Season 5), joy from the current season of the Office (never fails), a Wings documentary (yep!), and we’ll be enjoying a big ole’ tub of buttery popcorn along with a box of Goobers and a jumbo Coke when we go see the new Bond film one of these nights. As always, you’re more than welcome to join us.

Thanks to everyone who came out to our Three Stories event at Valentine’s last week. As Mister Strickland himself noted, “You could tell, there was definitely something in the room that night.” That something, it should go without saying, was you, and without you we’d have felt nothing. As always, keep making it Miltonian, and we’ll see you next time.


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