There’s No Other Way

We’re in this.  Mid-November 2008 in a Brand-New America, and the days — surprisingly, thankfully — have been full of light, cider-wine light, and no matter how many leaves fall there’s still enough to cover the entire street with them.  It’s like every day is the day after Chinese New Year.  So Happy New Year, Miltonians.

Today’s photographic content continues to be from our Oct 21-28 East Coast Sojourn, words about which have been said elsewhere.  Today we’re looking out a window and what we see is: color, created by the sun.  We’re happy about this.  We’re reading novels, as usual, no Major Winter Projects yet (perhaps Gaddis, perhaps the new Bolano), just good healthy slabs of fiction, by authors we admire.  Are we reading poetry?  Not at the moment, but we plan on it.  So much so, we plan on bringing our Your Daily Poem of the Week feature back to these pages.  People missed it.  So did we.

We’re happy about it, about this, about all of everything, right now, at the moment, and problem for a long time to come.  Every night we’re out there, in quiet streets, walking across shadows that splash and slide down streets like the leaf-boats that ride the gutters in the rain.  Cats, moonlight, birdsong: our quiet evenings, our sleepy street.  It makes us happy, and we’re happy to experience it, explore it, enter it.  We’re in it.

What about you?  Where’s the final weeks of your Autumn taking you?  Are you up there, on the mountain?  Out in the meadows where the elk rut and bugle?  Are you still in Philadelphia?  Well when are you coming out here?

We’ve sort of refrained, lately, from captioning our photos — we sprinkle them like sweetener, dash them like spice, through our little narratives — but the above one should be accompanied by the note that it was taken on the campus of Burlington County College, in Pemberton, New Jersey.  Those facts are important.

What’s next?  Our event at Valentine’s was nothing less than a success, and as we’ve previously stated, it’s just the beginning.  Is there anything in particular you’d like to see, anything you want us to share?  Let us know.  After all, we’re doing this for you.  There’s not enough in it, just to do it for ourselves.  It’s a community we’re building here.

Ok, we admit it: as much as we want to continue on in our semi-serious/professional tone, the above photograph is making it pretty damn hard to do so.  We’re dropping our guard here.  Gameface: off.  Apologies.

No, we haven’t said much about the economy.  What is it, exactly, that we are supposed to have said?  Or that we should be saying, right now, right here?  If we had a few million we’d buy a huge home, stock it full of pets and books and friends, and publish everyone whose work we love, so that their writings can be read by everyone everywhere, on recycled paper pages instead of screens.  But we don’t and we probably won’t and there’s nothing wrong with saying that’s OK.  Since when was accepting the beautiful, bountiful and endless world around us with all it has to offer — for free — as some kind of “defeat”?  Who needs hope when the neverending is now?  Breakfast was toaster pastries, lunch is a salad, and dinner — this should go without saying — will be delicious.  We’ve got it all, man.  We don’t want a plane ticket to an expensive hotel room in Paris.  We want to watch the rest of the leaves fall off of the big tree right outside our window.  You wanna put a price tag on that?  No worries, we can afford it.


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