Your Host, Fort Saint Davids

You heard correctly: FSD is hosting an event.  This Wednesday, the 12th of November, at 8pm sharp at our favorite downtown location Valentine’s, there’s a scene going down.  THREE STORIES is what we’re calling the thing, and like a red wheelbarrow, it is the thing that it is.  The full package that we’re presenting to you (for free) includes FSD co-founder Erik Bader reading a self-contained (thus short story) excerpt from his 2006 novel True Jersey, Volume One.  Matthew Korfhage, a writer whom any casual reader of these pages is already well-familiar with, will read a short story that we all agree is a fine short story, and Garett Strickland, who was recently made an honorary Miltonian without his knowledge or permission, will kick things off with a piece of fiction which he has composed and of which he is fond.

This will be the first of a proposed Trilogy of events, the 2nd which will be insanely fun, tentatively entitled Thirty Stories (About Towns In New Jersey We Haven’t Been To) is basically our stab at those clever and generally self-absorbed writing projects that smug young men tend to invent, and by stab we mean with a pen so that it says ouch and bends to our will, at which point we will rescue the concept and make it Fun and Inclusive and definitely 100% in the interest of You, our Reader and our closest Friend.  Three writers, writing ten extremely short stories a piece, about ten towns they’ve never been to, all in New Jersey, which we chose because it just made sense.  Cool, right?  Our final event will be titled Three New Stories, because we’re all writing new ones right now, and by that time they’ll be done and we want you to be the first person we share them with, so we’re scheduling an event so you won’t miss out.

To be honest, we really can’t wait to see you on Wednesday night.  I mean, there’s excited, and then there’s us.  Rah-whoo!


3 thoughts on “Your Host, Fort Saint Davids

  1. My camera broke that night, not sure if anyone else took pics. No audio, either. Helluva night though, and the icing on the cake was walking directly across the street to Berbati’s where Gang Gang Dance were just setting up. Full text of the stories read can be provided, if need be. Which particular authors work are you interested in?

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