Get Back To Where You Once Belonged

Haunted Weekend here in Portland, as we offer you up the first clutch of photographs fresh from our 302/215/609 Excursion.  It’s a mistymoist morning here in glorious Portland, Oregon, dampyellow leaves crowding the sidewalks, fogs exploring the nooks of the West Hills above, the air fresh and full as the day wakes up and puts on its costume, ready to trick, eager to treat.  Still, it’s hard to forget the crisp snap of the East Coast air or the loud crack of the homerun bat, as cheers erupted through those old streets that we keep with us for life.  Life, we all sigh here in the FSD Offices today on the first day of November, it’s Life we’re talking about and it’s all we’ll ever be talking about for as long as we’re able.  We’re just glad we’ve got you to talk about it with.


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