Sarah Sarringtons to FSD: Your East Coast Agenda

dear you:
notes on your impending autumnal eastern visit are as follows:
(i apologize for the possible stringent sounding nature of my list, it is important that we
follow appropriate time table proceedures and move with a fluidity as a
group thru our activites of extreme fun or we may not have enough
hours/minutes/days to complete all of the tasks, i mean enjoyable activities,
that i am planning for us do do on your visit here.)
10/21 arrival! sleep/rest/enjoy east coast autumn crisp air
10/22 rise and shine brush off that weird jet lag feeling and get down to
and yummy almond crossionts. get in your rental go to academia by way of princeton u.
get pretty leaves and press them between wax paper that you purchase at a pathmark supermarket. go to
and hope that the rental has a tape deck b/c i think we all know that a lot of great music is still on tapes. i am thinking lemonheads-it’s a shame about ray, pixies-doolittle, REM-automatic for the people and ummmmm fleetwood mac-rumours for really good measure. maybe when you are hungry for dinner you can sneak into a princton “supper club” to get your eat on. if not head back down to philly and pick up your back pack clad friend from class and head into southern jerzey for a night of pants pooping spooktacular pine barrens exploration which of course will be timed.
10/23 wake up! eat every meal from a nj state diner lay down at night in a random field next to the buzzing lights of a wawa and let the disco fries dance in your tummy while you attempt to wax philosophical about what may or may not happen when we hit another great depression or when the aliens invade or when it starts snowing in august.
10/24 big day! beachy bizness. jersey/delaware anyware. diners. perfect playlists. sunglasses. homemade ade. sunset in the sand. head to scarytown at creamy acres! (ummmm i am seriously puking while looking at this, i can’t wait to be terrified!!!!!) after scaring selves crapless eat a apple cider donut fresh off the belt. sleep with nightmares.
can’t wait to seeeeee you!!!!!

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