Erik: bro sarringtons is like SO INTO these road trips1:35 PM She’s lke wait you havent forgetton me have you? I’m still ON THESE TRIPS, right? Alex: LOL yeah she wants like plannedones i’m like no, aimless YOU DON”T UNDERSTNAD basically the only aim is to find a diner Erik: SRSLY For grilled cheese, fries, jumbo cokes1:36 PM Jesus check the hours on the CHATTERBOX I may not eat chicken, but if I eat three grilled cheese here comes the rope! Alex: davis mill diner LOL holy shit
hancocks bridge diner yeah 171:37 PM i’m looking at deep southwest jersey south of salem bro Erik: LOLZ Alex: it must be wild Erik: Take ferries from NJ to DE Alex: the eastern coast of the delaware bay there are no towns it must be too swampy Erik: ride the commodore barry bridge Alex: ever been to sea breeze1:38 PM way south from comm barry Erik: shit gave me neighmairs Alex: like 30 miles Erik: as kid http://www.ronsaari.com/stockImages/newJersey/CommodoreBarryBridge.jpg Alex: ORLY?
Erik: hell yeah1:42 PM Alex: gandy’s beachAlex: i bet that ones wildErik: JESUS WHAT IS GANDY’S BEACHAlex: hmI DON’T KNOW WHAT IT ISLOOK AT HOW FAR OUThttp://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&q=new%20jersey%20map&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wl1:44 PM across the bay from BOMBAY HOOK1:45 PM soul-crushing brohttp://byscuits.com/photos/gandys-beach/we need to find the gandy’s beach dinerall gandy’s in the US of A trace back to Gandy’s Beach NJ1:46 PM Alex: how do you feel about this?http://gloucestercitynews.typepad.com/clearysnotebook/2008/07/downe-motorcycl.html1:48 PM dudehttp://www.njdiners.com/cgi-bin/listing.cgi1:49 PM godd damn it
Salem Oak DinerW Broadway and Oak, Salem – (609) 935-1305look at the town
Golden Palace Restaurant Diner200 N. Virginia Ave., Carneys Point – (609) 299-3242that’s where we take youyou must be taught a lessonand told that you trulymust nevereverlet yourself1:50 PM become a laughing boy, a venom, or a carny boyErik: lolcarneys pointAlex: when you click on atlantic county, are any of those diners barrens?pleasebrobarrens dinersneed them nowErik: red lion diner is right on the cusp1:52 PM me and tedesco used to get on thatAlex: wtf is this? Harley Dawn Diner1402 Black Horse Pike, Folsom – (609) 567-6084did you see tedesco?Erik: jesus did I tell you that the entire high school cast of the pilot found me on facebook?Alex: http://gloucestercitynews.typepad.com/clearysnotebook/2008/07/downe-motorcycl.htmlLOLErik: ZAVE, WILKINSON, ANDREW BRADERAlex: noErik: all of themi know the harley dawn brojesus bro please click this linkhttp://losttownsvideo.billmecca.com/1:55 PM Alex: omg1:57 PM loli think i found that millville diner we went to1:58 PM Erik: did u click the linklost towns2:02 PM Alex: yeah i sawomgi’2:10 PM m checking referrals on miltlolit’s just many different iterations of hulk vs silver surferErik: no shitit still gets commments2:11 PM Alex: yeah i see them4 hits from “heroes”lolTODAYhaverford college LOLLLLL2:16 PM futurism lolcatsomg“i left wow because”Erik: hahahahAlex: “leeland cypruss cedar trees”2:17 PM “mokey fraggle poems”“any poem that is about october”jesus“warcraft lolcats”“summer babe albert camus”2:18 PM bro ou just totally helped out some bro who was looking for a good october poem to impress his girl


2 thoughts on “B’Roadtrips

  1. all right dudes, you guys are making me out to be some kinda crazy groupie with a penchant for stopwatch hangouts!

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