The Lowest Part Is Free!

We moved. Not far, but in a different district. We like it so far. We’ve been busy. There’s furniture to be procured — there’s furnishing happening, right now. It’s time for the rain again, the season of the mists the sprinkles and the sprays and the trickles and the drips and the drops. It’s fine. In the meadows the elk are bugling, crows gather to caw on buildings, a coyote takes dry refuge under a sopping ponderosa, and in our backyard: raccoon bandits, nosing for vittles. Excellent, we say. Bravo.

Chilly fall nights, but warm under blankets: we’ve been watching Fringe, Heroes, and the Office, and so far we’re extremely pleased with all three. Speaking off the latter [where’s my Elements of Style? The latter would be of two. What would be three? I’m saying last? Ok: last], maaaan, Creed.

A reminder: But did you know Creed was in the Grass Roots? The who? Oh you’ll know when you– oh man OK just click this and say WOAHMG:

I know, right? Wild.


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