On Our Way To Fall

Things are a little nuts around these here parts.  We’re packing, sorta.  Well not really.  But we’re relocating to SW Portland on October 1.  Do you have advice, regarding packing?  How soon do you pack?  Does anyone actually pack a week in advance and then go to bed, every night, in a room full of packed boxes and naked shelves?  We don’t.  Should we?

Then there’s our trip, a month from now, to the Delaware Valley.  Pencil us into your schedule.

There’s new music, which we’re always listening to.  Right now it’s Fabulous Diamonds, Vivian Girls, Blank Dogs on the new, and Ludwig Von on the old — the late, late quartets.  The new Mercury Rev is pretty.  The new TV on the Radio left us cold, but I guess that’s the point?  High Places sounded like a coffee shop, a cool coffee shop but a coffee shop nonetheless.  We’ve been watching films, although nothing in the theater, have we missed anything the theater?  I mean I’m sure we’ll go catch Hellboy 2 for a couple bucks at the Laurelhurst sometime this week.  But new movies?  Again, let us know.

You’re saying Deadwood gets better?  Disc one back in its Netflix sleeve and we just kinda shrugged.  Ok we’ll get it one more disc.  Of course with Queue that includes Conan the Barbarian, The Last Starfighter, Willow, Clash of the Titans, and motherfuckin’ Krull, well, it’s got some stiff competition.

As always, be well, read great literature, draw pictures and scan and email them to us, and please don’t fly around in a helicopter shooting wolves.  If they could shoot laserbeams from their eyes, they would.  Believe it.


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