FSD Weekend News Edition

Hello all you readers out there in Miltonianland, and welcome to another edition of FSD Weekend News Edition, with your host, Fort Saint Davids.

NEWSFLASH: The FSD Team will be visiting the City of Brotherly Love October 21-28. Mark your calendars, schedule your vacations, and prepare to spend a good deal of your time with our Team in a crisp, autumnal Rittenhouse Square on brisk wind-whisked afternoons, dryleaves crunching under boots, snug in sweaters and warmed from hot cups of La Colombe.

NEWSFLASH: It’s just couple days until the first day of Autumn. This means two things for you, our Reader, our Friend. For starters, it means that you are going to throw Summer Parties like it’s nobody’s business. You will drink only cold bottles of root beer. You will carry a beach blanket with you wherever you go. You will also carry a small folding chair, and your friends will do the same, so that when you run into your friends, at a street corner, where it’s busy, where you want to talk but the crowds are noisy and standing is tiring because you’ve been Summer Partying All Day, you and your good friend can now unfold your conveniently on-hand folding chairs, right there on the sidewalk, near the noisy street and the silent potted plants, and you will sit and have a conversation. Relax. Enjoy your root beer. It’s still summer.

But only for two more days. Which is why once Autumn officially begins you will put away the beach blanket and stop drinking Coca-Cola for breakfast and instead switch to Toaster Pastries. Look, the mornings are a little chillier now. They’re gray. You want to sleep in — and we say that you can. But with that extra snooze button sleep comes a sacrifice: a hot breakfast. It’s not eggs that are scrambling — it’s you, out the door, late to work. That’s where your Toaster Pastries (TPs) come in. Slip that silver foil-wrapped 2xPack of TPs into your pocket, hop on bike, get to work. While in the Staff Kitchen getting that important first cup of coffee, unwrap the TPs. Drop into the toaster oven. In just a few minutes, POP, ready to go. A hot breakfast that tastes great. As always, you’re welcome.

NEWSFLASH: We forgot to add Father Gibbs on our Twitter list, so here he is: twitter.com/jasongibbs. Also don’t forget to add the Daily Miltonian. We need you.


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