FSD Items For September

ITEM: All of us here at Fort Saint Davids would like to collectively thank the month of September for such fine Northwestern weather. Surely you’ve been out there, among friends and family, showered in the lemonade-thin streams of gold coin light, basking resplendent whilst enjoying a cold bottle of root beer, reading poems to each other, rediscovering for the Nth time the works of Shelley, Keats, or even (hey why not) Robert “.My mind’s not right” Lowell, born back ceaselessly into the past.  Say what, you haven’t?  Slap that laptop closed, slip on the Vans, grab the keys and bust out that door, kiddo, because sunlight like this don’t last forever.  Go get yours now.  We’ll be waiting for you right here, like the rest of the Internet.

ITEM: Fringe started and now we can’t wait until next Tuesday. Or Wednesday, rather, since our Rabbit-Eared TV doesn’t really get Fox AT ALL, so we’re watching on the website. Lots of people love this freedom. We don’t. We like watching when YOU are watching, because we have these big crazy theories about “Collective Memory” about which Prime Time Television plays a huge part. Where were you when the Oceanic Six got off the island means a whole bunch of different things when you can watch the show whenever you want. But remember getting home from school? If the bus got you there on time, you’re warming up with the end of lame Thundercats. Getting INTO it when G.I. Joe comes on. And then…the main event…that’s right dudes and dudettes, it’s Transfuckinformers! And you and I can relate, because we both experienced that. But will…they?

Anywho, how do you feel about the end of Analog TV? I believe the date is February, when the airwaves cease to be, and all television goes digital. You know about this, right? It’s weird. What will occupy all those airwaves once TV has left the room? Will there be a new rise in Insane Pirate Television, 99 stations of wild, free, uncontrollable anarchic freakout TV? Let’s fuggin hope so.

ITEM: Speaking of Prime Time Television, maaaan how excited are you about September 25?

ITEM: We hope you like the photographs that we share with you, here at the Daily Miltonian. We take ’em ourselves. Today’s batch were all snapped within the borders of the unbelievably beautiful state of Montana.  Big Sky Country: believe it.

ITEM: We’re Twittering. Not just the Daily Miltonian contributers, but the Miltonian itself, who answers not the question of “What are you doing?” but rather explains “What yo are doing”. The ultimate culmination of the Hi-Rise experiment, we wholeheartedly suggest adding it to your Following list or at least checking in on its URL as often as possible. It’s just beginning, and we’re all extremely excited to see where it goes.

Here’s the team:

Miltonian: http://twitter.com/dailymiltonian

Bader: http://twitter.com/erikbader

Z-Rad: http://twitter.com/alexzahradnik

Carr: http://twitter.com/joshcarr

Brady: http://twitter.com/bradydale

Get on it!


One thought on “FSD Items For September

  1. After the switch to digital broadcast television we will only lose the UHF frequencies (for more information on UHF please see A. M. Yankovic’s 1989 documentary). The rights to these frequecies were auctioned off earlier this year and Verizon bought one of the largest segments.

    So, what will occupy all those airwaves once TV has left the room?

    Answer: Most of the airwaves will still be occupied by TV stations but every channel can now be a bunch of channels (i.e. 5.1, 5.2, 5.3…) and the rest will be used for texting your friends.

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