Twittering the Symphony

Carr, currently installed somewhere deep in SE Portland, is drumming up for us a Summer 08 End Hits Classical package, listing the MUST HEAR tunes the end of our Northwestern Season.  [Although currently we’re pretty sure he’s somewhere hell out in Hillsboro eating sushi with none other than frequent Daily Miltonian contributer Matthew K.] Temporarily lifting our links ban, we’ll give you an old list by Alex Ross, to get you started on your Final Summer Classical Mix.  That’s Alex Ross, the New Yorker critic, not the comic book guy, for those of you keeping score at home.

We don’t have ours handy right now, but we could use all your Wii Friend codes.  Truth be told, we have not completely figured the whole thing out — you give us one code to get your Mii in our little Mii Parade thingy and then separate codes for each game?  We have Mario Kart and Smash Bros, for the record.  Anyhow, codes, we need ’em.  Let’s play.

New Yorker Style issue came in the mail yesterday.  Not really into that one, sorry.  Besides some really beautiful Richard Avedon photos from way back when, there just wasn’t anything in the thing that caught our attention.  Although hey: Dev B. and Natalie Portman??!?  ITEM?  Yikes.  Any Miltonians who find themselves wandering around the West Side tonight are more than welcome to contact our Offices, where you will find us deep into 1.) Mario Kart Wii 2.) “Deconstructing Harry”, and 3.) Ren & Stimpy.  Refreshments will include sparkling water and the Eveline St. Special.  Bring Good, leave Better.


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