Perfect From Now On

Labor Day Weekend is here, kicking off the Coda Chapter for Your Summer 2008: Best Summer Ever.  New leases, new semesters, new television, and a birthday for Yours Truly — it’s just about September, can you even believe it?

“It’s about fixing the content, not the form.”  That’s what we’re saying here about Life in Late 2008, and we’re pretty sure you’re agreeing with us.  Can you Twitter a Symphony?  The answer is a resounding YES, to which we will add: DO IT NOW.  We’re reading books right now, big, meaty books.  At the FSD NW/NW offices I’m seeing a huge Henry James tome — looks like Portrait of a Lady from where I’m sitting, and The Adventures of Augie March, by Saul Bellow.  Are you doing the Goodreads thing?  We are, although the only thing we’re enjoying about it blurbs from our pal Art Andrews, who writes perfect little reviews like this one, for Metamorphoses by Ovid:

This is how I would like to meet girls. Hunting for elk the forest, you come across a clearing in the woods. Bathing there, the River King’s daughter. Hand her the silver apple, and everything is cool. Don’t say anything stupid or Artemis will turn you into a plant, and the River King might send you on an impossible quest to prove your worth, but personally I’ve been through worse.

So it’s on a social networking that happens to revolve around books.  Great content says screw you, form!

MusicFest Northwest is happening in a few days, and no kidding we’ll be there.  The trick, as with last year, is to plan your agenda RIGHT.  Screw up and you’re standing in lines all night and the only band you wind up seeing is Seaweed.  AVOID this problem and do it Right with our handy tentative agenda, below:WEDNESDAY

Fuck Buttons 9pm
Mogwai 10:30pm


5:30 No Age
7pm Battles

9pm Calvin Johnson
10pm M Ward

Oxford Collapse – Deerhunter at midnight

Built to Spill

Satyricon Eat Skull 9pm

TV On the Radio 11:30

7pm Les Savvy Fav

11pm Trans Am
12am Polvo

Thanks again for Making Yours Miltonian.


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