Miltonian Forever

This is just a short message to remind you, our ever-faithful Reader, that we — the Proud, the Few, The Miltonian — are not going anywhere. The Daily Miltonian, though we haven’t been daily in quite some time, plans to remain your constant companion through these final days of Summer 2008, and indeed we will be there for you through the transitional months of Autumn 2008 and into what we are predicting to be the Most Important Winter of Our Lives.  Things are going to happen this Winter — wondrous, miraculous, beautiful things, and you can count on the Miltonian to document as much as we can.  That’s been our goal, really.  To document the world’s miracles, be they a television program or a douglas fir.  It’s just what we do here.  Would anyone expect anything less?

We’ll be at the Tom McCall Waterfront Park tonight, soaking in the evening river vibes and the Oregon Symphony.  There will be fireworks.  Do join us.  Summer’s ending, and life begins….now.


2 thoughts on “Miltonian Forever

  1. Pop and Circumstance!
    And FSD’s soon too be all time favorite – Zigeunerweisen! Just yelp it aloud, “ZIGEUNERWEISEN!”

    It is the end of summer… and tonight, you just might plan on tossing that iPod into the Willamette River.


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