Summer Adventure Time Window, Pt. 1

Regular reader Jarvis (no idea who this person actually is) recently wrote the following in our Comments section:

Thing is, we’re not looking for posts with seven links or examples. We don’t want ANY links. We’re not looking for another BLOG. We want a window into the world of Summer Adventure time. We want more photos of local owls and watering holes. We want to know about North West summer vegetation overload. Who gave ETB a ride to coast? What sort of gold sounds were playing? Does this vehicle have only a cassette player? Wait a minute, have we even heard a WORD about Portland radio? Give us the goods, YOUR goods, not everyone else’s Crystal Castles goods.


Now you see?  This is what we’re talking about.  Actual responses to actual things we do here that make us feel like something is actually happening, here.  Awesome.  Our response to the above, in typical Miltonian fashion, is yet another photo essay series, presenting evidence, evidence of a Summer.  We believe that the following photographs answer the above questions as well as many, many more.  Do enjoy, and please, keep the comments coming.  Why call it a Blog?  Let’s call it a dialogue.


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