N00b Y0Rk T!MEZ

This is a Meta Post: an Internet-penned piece about NYT pieces that are all about the Internet.  It’s getting weirder, y’know?  Like the BOLD part of an article where instead of saying BEIJING it says INTERNET as the location.  We suggest using the search engine of your choice (Google, Lycos, Excite, Metacrawler, Altavista, Dogpile, Yahoo) to find the articles we are mentioning, as we are refraining from links for this particular entry.  Sometimes enough is, well, enough.

1. Last week in the NYT mag, our pal Schwartz wrote about Internet Trolls.  Amazing article, even moreso because of the comments section of its online incarnation.  I mean think about it: envision the comments section of an article about the denizens of a comments section.  Awesome.

2. This weeks NYT mag “On Language” is on “Avatar.”  This is mostly about online games, Second Life in particular.

3. NYT mag today also includes an article on Zune — the anti-iPod?

4. Also what appears to be an article about Kanye West’s blog.

5. Arts section cover story about online champions of Guitar Hero.

6. Also an article about how it’s no longer cool to namedrop obscure poets, because the iPhone is cooler.

7. An article about Peter Gabriel and the Web, “An Old Rocker Goes Digital.”

Okay we’re stopping now.  The composition of this post is requiring too much surfing, trolling, scrolling, typing.  You get the idea.  Personally we say: boooo.  The PAPER of record shouldn’t be concerned with what you see on your screen every day.  When TV came out, they didn’t run cover stories on I Love Lucy, did they?  Don’t answer that.  We know what, though.  We know that we’re just not cut out for this, this…Blogging.  You know how much time — unpaid, indoors, NONsummer time it takes to make the Right Post?  If we had done this Right we’d have given you twenty detailed examples, not seven.  We’d have linked all of the examples. Link, link, link.  We’d have — but we won’t, because we could, but we should…NOT.  We should be outside.  Look to your left, away from the screen, out the window.  Nice out there, isn’t it?  So say Fuck You, to us.  Turn the machine off.  And get back out there, into that warm air, into all that summer.  We’ll be waiting for you when you return.  Don’t worry.  You’ll be thirsty, and we’ll have the lemonade, in a pitcher, with ice cubes.  Yum.


One thought on “N00b Y0Rk T!MEZ

  1. Thing is, we’re not looking for posts with seven links or examples. We don’t want ANY links. We’re not looking for another BLOG. We want a window into the world of Summer Adventure time. We want more photos of local owls and watering holes. We want to know about North West summer vegetation overload. Who gave ETB a ride to coast? What sort of gold sounds were playing? Does this vehicle have only a cassette player? Wait a minute, have we even heard a WORD about Portland radio? Give us the goods, YOUR goods, not everyone else’s Crystal Castles goods.


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