Daily Living With The Miltonian

NOTICE: This post will be punctuated with images taken from DVDs that Alexander Zahradnik intends [read: we have told him] to rent over the course of the rest of the summer.

1. Daily Miltonian is the name of this blog

2. Fort Saint Davids are the people behind Daily Miltonian.

3. FSD is [are, collectively] ashamed to be blog writers.

4. Fans of DM, and FSD, often encourage FSD to continue writing (creating?) DM.

5. It’s summer.

6. DM, often an entity in its own right, is ashamed to be a blog.

7. Nonetheless, DM needs FSD to continue existing [this sentence can and should be read in two ways].

8. Thus the paradox we face is that DM does not want to be a blog and FSD does not want to write a blog but DM needs FSD to exist and yet to exist, for DM, means to be a blog.

9. It wasn’t always this way.  Originally, the first entries/existence(s) of DM were written for a Zine [tentatively] called Fort Saint Davids Quarterly, by FSD.

10. Didn’t happen.  DM can be more easily read, anywhere with Internets, and is free.  Zines cost money and destroy trees.

11. But is it true that blogs ruin your mind?

12. Here’s what we want right now.  Your thoughts.  On us.  FSD.  DM.  The whole shebang.  Do you need us?  Are we needed?  Do you still care?  Do we help you?  Do we hold you back?  Do we give enough?  Not enough?  We are, as always, here to serve.  It’s just that, right now, we’re not sure who, or how, or what.  Or when.  Or anything.  So please.  

13. Let us know.


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