Welcome Back Bader, Part Two

Way too long ago we promised you the second of our three part “Welcome Back Bader” trilogy of movies documenting the FSD/PHL Events of December ’07. We apologize that it took so long. Actually we don’t. It’s summer now. Philadelphia on the verge of Christmas is a kind of interesting thing to watch, here from your comfortable Summertime Hotseat. Pop a straw into that Capri Sun and press play and find yourself transported to dark and foggy nighttime streets of Philadelphia on the crest of winter. There will be a third and final part, hopefully sooner than later. Thanks again for your Miltonian patience. As a convenience we’re including the first part, so you can get down with the continuity. We’re good like that.



As for Portland Movies, we’ll be sharing some of those very shortly. All with the kind of quality you’ve come to expect from the New, Improved, Summer 08 Daily Miltonian. We’re glad you stuck around with us, through these weird last few years. Honest, we are. We always told everyone how much we liked you. Now we’re telling you. Hey: we like you.


Fort Saint Davids


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