HiRise Poems / Summer ’08


when yo
and yo pals
be mouving onto the same block
and yo
be wearing yo old buzzcokcz t
staraw hat
carrying yo watering can
into the gardne
ye shaer with yo pals
to grow the vebegatlbes
that yo might be grilling tonight
for vebegeatble fajitas
with homemenade ranch dressing
to pregame
befor enight falls
and yo and yo pals
be rolling cerw thick in th garden at night
throwing a straight up aparty
the grill
flames a rising
from the hickory
and mesquite
woods in yo grill
the woods remind yo all
that yo must go to beach
even though it be 9pm
yo can make it to the marketbefore they lcose
to ask the fellow beihind the cheese counter
“what’s a good beach cheese”
and pick up the staff of life
and yo make it to the beach
just in time to see the sotmz break
moon looks epic
then yo know
that’s hireise
so neway
nhoew much of yo summer
have yo plotted?


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