Endless Summer

Summer continues for all of us here at FSD HQ.  Some changes: for Springwater Corridor, please substitute Willamette Greenway.  For rootbeer, please change to cream soda.  Instead of “swam in the Sandy River” we now “swim in the Washougal River”.  When it’s late at night, the vibe is more the self-titled Fleetwood Mac record, not “Rumours”.

A word about the “Office Ambiance” here at Fort Saint Davids: anyone who has come over for a cup of coffee, a cream soda, a copy of one of our new short stories (we’re all writing ’em), or just a general afternoon chit-chat, has immediately noticed that the only thing on the Office Turntable at any time is records from Portland’s own Mississippi Records.  To say we’re ‘obsessed’ is kind of like saying ‘I hear there’s a war going on.’  Meaning: NO SHIT.

All of the above records are vinyl only and pressed at extremely low runs, but the label themselves recommend illegal downloads or cassette copies of the stuff.  The couldn’t give a shit about the cash, they just want to make the Greatest Records of All Time and make sure you get to hear them.  FSD isn’t so savvy at turning vinyl into MP3 but you are always welcome to stop by and listen to one of these beyond-beautiful wax discs on our Vintage 80’s Super Hi-Fi System (we bought it from some ex-army dude in Camas, Washington for less than you paid for your iPod and it sounds really, really good).

Word.  We’re still hammering out the details on those FSD Summer Projects that we promised you.  In the meantime we’re watching Hellboy (we never saw it) to get psyched for Hellboy 2 (which looks, like, completely, bananas).  Excelsior!


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