Fort Saint Davids Music Television

Yes I know right?  Like what?  This actually is the SCORPIONS.

Pretty much the same exact vibe / theme / groove as FSD co-founder Alexander Zahradnik’s novel-in-progress “MAJESTIC”.  Everyone who was there at Molly’s Books for Mollytronix (Italian Market, Philadelphia, Summer ’05, Italian Festival, feat. Loren Hunt, Joey Sweeney, Sam Schwartz, Erik Bader, Adam Acuragi, and Rick “Cement” Flom plus a half-keg of freshly brewed YARDS and three in-store cats) witnessed Alex’s one-time reading from the novel, and thus knows EXACTLY what we’re talking about here.  There were crowds, everyone was eating sausage & peppers, the sun was insanely hot, and everyone felt it.  MAJESTIC takes place mostly in a haunted forest and a place called Powder Valley — which is real, we’ve been there — and stars lots of teenaged girls.  But as far as General Ord, this vid has the FEELING.

Bjork “Wanderlust”.  This is like, exactly what we’re talking about.

The video:

The making of video, video: … d9f7a8d2ae

Additional Information for this FSD Transmission:

Daily Miltonian Summer 08 Zine: Forthcoming

FSD: The Mystery of the SW. A Vibe in Progress.

FSD: The Truth Behind Elk Beach.

Also please feel free to contact FSD for our three-part nachos/soda/LOTR saga, coming very soon.



One thought on “Fort Saint Davids Music Television

  1. Please put me on the list for the 3 part nachos/soda/LOTR event.

    Also, this guy is *dyin’* to go too… so, if it’s not to much to ask, he’s my plus-one. Thanks! and I’ll bring the Velveeta.

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