Spring One Information Packet

Here is information for you, dutiful denizen if Spring One, 2008.  Four key pieces to no puzzle at all.  As ever, enjoy in good health, and if you’re gonna make it, please: make it a Miltonian.

ONE: Crystal Castles.  It’s Now, sure, but it’s also Meh.  Atari Teenage Riot is a decade and a half ago, and you drop the needle on one of their slabs today and it’ll STILL slaps you in the face.  Crystal Castles is Atari Twenty-Something Blog Hype.  In Spring One we’ve got an Internet Links Limit — we try to only click four a day.  Crystal Castles is number five.  Do not want.

TWO: UbuWeb.  Ready to KICK YOUR ASS into Avant-Garde high-gear?  Head there NOW with about four free hours on your clock.  Jack in.  Come up for air.  Back again.  Return awesome.  As for tonight, our Evening Ubu will be a 30-minute Dinner with Henry Miller.  It’s really that cool over there.

THREE: Fassbinder’s Ali: Fear Eats the Soul is hands down the saddest and most beautiful film we have ever seen anywhere, ever.  It crushed us.




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