Cause For Celebration

Now that the Writer’s Strike has ended, life for your average writer returns back to normal.  The Daily Miltonian is back.  The Fort Saint Davids Quarterly is now a distant possibility once again.  And Lost is getting five more episodes.  Good news for us because after waiting nearly a year, the prospect of a measly eight episode season was giving us night terrors.  So phew, phew.  This is good.  Already three episodes in, all of us present in the Entertainment/Screening Room here in the comfy FSD PNW/NW Offices agree that at this point the show is completely Right On.  Intricate, well-paced, rich with detail and more cohesive than ever, we’re fairly confident that this season is going to be nothing short than a triumph.

James Turrell will be at PNCA today.  I mean you either know about this and got a ticket or else you didn’t and oh well it’s sold out.  But that’s where we’ll be.  Yep yep.

But oh man have you been outside today?  Dude it’s like the sun just wants to give ya a bit bear hug, then tousle your hair, then kiss ya all over.  I can’t think of a more cuddly sun, anywhere, at any time.  The minute you step outside it’s like the sun became a big, tail-wagging, slobbery dog just waiting for you to open that door and P-P-POUNCE!  Lick lick lick, all over your face.  It’s a sun so strong, you can high five it.  So go out there and get some.  This video is for you, sun-lover.  Accept no substitutes, this is Today’s Vibe.


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