Daily Miltonian Returns with Items

Aaaaand we’re back. Thanks again for bearing with our moment of silence. Here’s your items for the second week of February, 2008.

ITEM: DC Comics have announced their third weekly series after 52 and Countdown: Trinity. Kurt Busiek and Mark Bagley will do the 12 page main story of all 52 issues, with the second half featuring backups by rotating creative teams. This might actually be good.

ITEM: There Will Be Blood — movie of the year, easily.  If they make one better than this in 2008 we’ll f-f-f-freak out.  Cloverfield — watch the trailer, skip the film.

ITEM: Black Mountain, live. Who knew? Other people, just not us. Now we do.  Sexy.

ITEM: Mexican Coca-Cola, in a glass bottle. Drink it in winter, pretend it’s summer.

ITEM: The all-text Miltonian….huh. We can’t tell: do the pictures make us seem like we think you’re dumb? Or do you just love those pictures because they’re smart and so are you. Blog: it’s not a book. Anyhow, it’s an experiment, for now. We’ll see.
ITEM: Lost, Season 4. First episode we were like, okay, cool. Second episode we were like OMG this is TOO COOL. We’re way into it. Thursday can’t get here soon enough.

ITEM: Back to comics, are you reading Omega the Unknown? This is the wildest thing Marvel has done in years. Also, this whole ‘Mark Millar Is Back’ thing has lots of promising projects. We want: Old Man Logan, FF, and Kick-Ass. These all seem great and it gives us things to look forward to (which is the best way to get from yesterday to tomorrow).  Finally: who’s a Skrull?

ITEM: Winter beach. It’s what everyone wants, the most, in the winter. Have you been to the beach, or a beach, or ‘the shore’ (if you prefer, or the coast)  this winter? Rocks, sand, mist, fog, waves — come on, winter beach! Get into it.

ITEM: Fort Saint Davids is considering doing a kinda zine-y chapbook series. You know, low print runs, cheap production, probably at Kinkos, stapled, that kinda thing. Blogs save the environment, but stuff on dead trees still feels nice. Would you be interested in this? I mean hey we’re always dreaming of new stuff.

ITEM: Fort Saint Davids is also going to make Myspace pages for some music that we have our hands on, that we might sell via CD-R at some point down the road. But for now we’ll just make the pages and you can listen to the music for free any time you want. This is why you still like us.

ITEM: Part 2 and 3 of the ‘Back to the Old House’ trilogy of December 2007 Philadelphia Mini-Movies will be forthcoming. There will also be a short featuring Thurston Moore on Portland’s own Jonathan Raymond. We have two more clips from the James Mercer PNCA performance, if you want those, just ask us. A Portland Winter 2008 Mini-Movie will follow.

More ITEMS to come. Have you been outside today? The sun is so yellow and the light is everywhere.


One thought on “Daily Miltonian Returns with Items

  1. Winter beach!!
    Seagulls, swift winds and wet heads- there’s nothing quite like it! All of existence turned physically into a black and white Hitchcock! Sounds like part of your Portland Winter 2008 mini flick to me…

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