Back To The Old House, Pt. 1

FSD was in the Tri-State from Dec. 10th-17th and your ever steadfast Daily Miltonian is, as always, here to present the Evidence.

One block from Zigz International, gray-drizzle afternoon.
Fairhill Street, noting the former location of an unruly weeds/junk pile where everyone’s favorite strange feline Molly the Cat was born in 1997.

Screamin’ Joe Lisciandro, outside of the Khyber, Old City.

Brady Dale Russell, of Daily Miltonian Spinner Rack fame, on New Comics Wednesday, in Center City.

Yay! Good ole’ Jenn P, South Philadelphia, w./cats. Cats!

Crooks & Burger Boy, Society Hill, high society.

Finally, here is the first of our two part documentary. We made it for you, so it is in our highest holiday hopes that you enjoy it. Cheers.


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