Art for Art’s Sake: Art on Amon Amarth

Dear Daily Miltonian,

I saw them Monday and it was the best thing I ever did in my
stupid life.  They always had something to say between songs and
sometimes it was silly (“I can’t hear you New York!”) but most
times it was a gem like “It’s been one thousand years…one
thousand years of oppression!  NOW WE RIDE TO GLORY!”  That’s
the way I prefer to start off a song.  The lead singer is a 7
foot tall bearded Swedish man wearing a horn filled with beer.
The band would drink from their horns between songs and toast us
in the crowd (“Fellow Vikings”).  Performance was great.

For the encore, I felt stirred to battle!, and I pushed up to
the front of the audience but it smelled really bad up there.
Plus it was a melee up in the front.  In the bathroom after the
show there were two poor dudes who were bleeding into the sinks
from busted noses – surely Odin has saved a steed and a helm in
Valhalla for these fallen warriors.  I bought an Amon Amarth
t-shirt but now I realize it looks like a shirt for a roller
coaster or maybe Disneyland “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

I still think the lyrics on their new album are incredible.  I’m
convinced now that Viking imagery is a very effective way to
convey somber and heroic themes.

Your pal,

Art Andrews

Our pal Art Andrews does a great, great show with our other pal, Julia Factorial, on our favorite radio station on the planet, WPRB Princeton.  Find out more and listen to it here. 


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