Fort Saint Davids Department of Spaceknights vs. Dire Wraiths

His Honor the Rev. Sir Shaine Edwards has this message for you, the people of Earth (Portland in Particular):

Tired of seeing the same old bullshit art every First Thursday?

Had it with high-priced bamboozle-ry, bereft of intergalactic imagery?

Does the thought of seeing YET ANOTHER graphic depiction of “cute” animals or unicorns or some other retarded shitpile that this town churns out by the boatload every month make you want to vomit?


That is why discriminating art connoisseurs such as myself will choke the halls of Floating World Comics tonight to catch a glimpse of SPACENIGHT: A Tribute To Bill Mantlo!

SEE more than a hundred illustrations of ROM the Spaceknight (Wraithslayer, Hero of Galador, and unashamed resident of Clairton, WV)!

FEEL the artistic sensation Brian Michael Bendis describes as “Nerdgasm”!

HEAR the terrified cries of the Dire Wraiths as they flee Our Hero!

All proceeds will go to benefit Bill Mantlo (who also gave us Rocket Raccoon, which is probably better than anything YOU ever did for your fellow man, but that’s an art show in itself…).

See you there!

20 NW 5th Avenue


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