Stormy Weather

Great Neptune that’s some wild weather out there! Drunken sailers all up and down the Oregon Coast have been blown all the way to — wait, was that just an insane drunken sailor I just saw stumbling out of the Matador? In Hood River a suicidal wind surfer reportedly surfed his way all the way to the top of Mount Hood, but who needs weather when you’ve got the Miltonian!


Pop in a pair of sturdy ear plugs and go see Yellow Swans. I mean there’s Heavy Sessions and then there’s these cats. The harsh mellow will be delivered at Branx. Bader’s Willy Week review of their sublime At All Ends LP can be read at this nifty link.


The long lost Brian Wilson RAP SONG from 1989. Listen at your own peril.



All this talk about the coast and wet sands reminded us that yep, it’s just that time of year again. Back in those crazy early Nineties, your current narrator’s old pal Zaz used to get so blitzed while the crew stayed up watching 120 Minutes that once in a while he’d get the notion that he had to Save The Girl In the Music Video. The above video is one such video. The first time this ever happened — oh, I remember it was like yesterday — was a white cold February afternoon, plush suburban livingroom at someone’s house, no parents for miles, and as Your Humble Narrator came padding down the carpeted stairs with a Diet Shasta in hand he finds Zaz kneeling before the television while this video plays:

He slowly turns and and I can see tears literally pouring from his drug-crazed eyes as he urgently explains that whoever this girl is, wherever she is right now, holy shit man we have got to save her Right Now as in This Very Second.

Woah. Flashback.

Renee the Secretary: You know what they call a flashback, right?

Fort Saint Davids: No, what?

Renee the Secretary: A freebie.


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