Fort Saint Davids Department of Sweet Saturdays

That’s right boys and girls: Sweet Saturdays! You heard the starting gun on Thursday, enjoyed the stuffing, relished the turkey, went crazy on the gravy and then, oh yeah that’s right, then you had the pie (You: pecan. Us: pumpkin). Your Source For Valid Opinions and Inspiring Quotes, aka your Daily Miltonian, hereby declares every Saturday between Thanksgiving and New Years to be…Sweet Saturday!

Scheduled Sweet Things You’ll Consume Today (that is, on Sweet Saturday):

-1 Glazed Donut from Voodoo Donuts, with a coffee — early Sweet Saturday, Trimet buses and morning traffic, newspaper stuffed under arm, focussed on the day ahead.

-1 Chocolate w./vanilla buttercream cupcake from St. Cupcake — now well into SS afternoon, pleasant and without direction, under steel-blue skies with a minimum of clouds.

-1 Hot Chocolate from the cafe of your choice — SS brisk late Autumn azure twilight, strolling with purpose along the leaf-strewn Park Blocks, past the ominous Teddy Roosevelt monument, wearing the warm scarf of your choice.

Yes of course it’s OK to indulge — you’ve been walking all day with that crazy gang of friends of yours, or else you’re all alone, with only thoughts of the Daily Miltonian to keep you company. That’s right, make no mistake: we’re there for you!

Daily Miltonian: Your Thoughts Are Always With Us

Where You Will Go And What You Will Do, In Portland, Tonight:

I mean, all your friends are already there, so part of you is kind of realizing that yes, you are pretty much forced to go see Menomena once again.

Those looking to a.) stay downtown and b.) fall asleep, might do worse than check out the latest Friend of the Microphones with an Acoustic Guitar Who Plays Music That Sounds Just Like the Microphones Even Though We Are So Sick Of the Microphones Yeah Their Early Stuff Was Magic But It’s Just Too Self Indulgent At This Point It’s Like It’s Written Just For the Other Friends of The Microphones Who Sound Like the Microphones (but) Not Written For Us. Or wait it’s not even the Microphones any more it’s like, um, called Mount Hood or something like that, who knows cares. At Valentine’s with the Watery Graves, ZZZzzzz. Wait, hold on, what’s that?

Renee the Secretary: You never said who the band was.

FSD: Yeah, well, uh…

RTS: You don’t know their name do you.

FSD: That’s what the intern is for. Intern!

Bobby the Intern: The band is named Woelv. They’re on K Records. I mean she is on K Records.

FSD: And? Does she sound like the Microphones? I mean Mt. Adams?

BTI: Not really. Dude just produced her record. It sounds more like CocoRosie and it’s all sung in French.

FSD: Dear Lord!

Legend of Street Dog: Awhooooooooooooooooo!

RTS: She’s from Canada.

FSD: Canada! What in the name of–?!

LSD: Awhooooooooooooooooo!

RTS: Yeah, well…

FSD: Canadaaaaaaaa!

LSD: Awhooooooooooooooooo!

Julio the Owl: Hooo hooo hooooo.

FSD: Canada.


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