Mammals All Look The Same


Sometimes this stuff just falls from the sky. We are, we’ll admit, not immune.

Because unlike the Oregonian, our anointed paper of record, Fort St. Davids was not for a moment fooled into believing that this is a picture of a cancerous sea lion.

Any more than we, say, we mistook declining rates of meth use for an “epidemic.” Or, like, misfired with shotgun rifle and accidentally punched a ballot for George W. Bush . Twice.

But we understand. Anybody makes mistakes. And besides, Gus seems like an awesome sea lion.

 [Edit: And you’ll note, as we did, if you follow the link, that “Today’s picture” has been changed. This is because “Today” has changed, not because Gus has been reclassified. Oh, the perils of the simple present indicative–we all get suckered by it.]


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