You And Your Autumn Sweater

Good morning everyone, this is your host, FSD. Oh it’s Autumn here, alright. Back in the Globally Warmed East, it’s just now the initial days of Fall 1. But here in the lush Pacific Northwest, we’re most definitely enjoying the first damp kiss of Fall 2. Vaux’s Swifts! There’s Pumpkin Milkshakes at Burgerville. There’s nostalgia-inducing cedar-smoke coming out of chimneys. There’s leaves everywhere, and color…glorious color! We don’t have the technology to capture it perfectly, nor can we write the poetry necessary to convey it. Please accept what meager digital photographs we have as evidence of the beautiful world in which we’re now living.

One Year Later: Some more tidbits from our inaugural week, October 2006. We had posted the phone number to the Poconos Fall Foliage Hotline, which was operated by former FSD neighbor Dina. Our secretary, Renee the Secretary, recently spoke with Dina and confirmed that our former neighbor is in fact no longer the operator. However, we are fairly certain that the hotline still exists, and encourage you to call it to find out. After all, you will never know when the peak foliage in the Pocono mountains will be until you ask an expert. 570-421-5565: dial with confidence.

One Year Later: October 19th, 2006 marked the street date for one of our mightiest posts, the ever-perplexing Hi-Rise poems. What more can be said about this now-legendary suite of contemporary verse that spawned a movement (the Brogram), a short story (Erik Bader’s Cherry Hill), and predicted a life that really, when you think hard about it, we’re all leading right now. Now that’s art.

One Year Later: October 20th, 2006 marked the electronic debut of our patron saint and resident seafood critic Father Gibbs. Read about what seafood one should eat here.

One Year Later: Quick interview here.

Renee the Secretary: Erik, what was up with those weird early posts like the one where went on a date and had octopus?

Erik: Pure and simple I was trying not to go insane. I was in no shape to be dating anyone at the time. I figured if I wrote that I was on a date I could remind myself that I was, in fact, on a date. Ever get that bad? Where you have to keep reminding yourself that you are, in fact, doing whatever it is you are doing, there in Reality, and not, say, in Acheron or some other, more sinister realm of existence?

Renee: Like the afternoon, the same week as the date post, where Alex convinced you to take a drive out of the city, and you guys were walking down Main Street in Moorestown, and you were so fucked up out and out of it that Alex had to remind you it was fall and there was indeed crisp fall foliage and brittle-gold leaves laying in bright piles down cobblestone alleys past wise old buildings and there you were, alive in the quickness of Autumn, not killed by tanks and dead in a boat down a black hole vortex at the furthest most desolate edge of Known Reality.

Erik: I mean I couldn’t have said it better myself, Renee. As for the octopus, Father Gibbs suggested it. We all need to Eat More Seafood.

Renee: True that, EB!

One Year Later: October 20th also marked the debut of Alex Zahradnik’s groundbreaking 80’s Desert Music post, coining a phrase that has been in the Official Lexicon ever since. The FSD PNW/NW offices would like to add this video to the list. Fucking desert A, man. From their 1982 album, “Mirage”, hah hah!

One Week Later: FSD, Daily Miltonian, and Daily Miltonian East would all like to retract our former statements re: the latest Radiohead and will now state that the album is completely forgettable, owing to the clear and hard evidence that while thinking back on said album which we last heard merely one week prior to this statement, we cannot for the life of us remember a single song, tune, melody, or even lyric. So yeah, whoops. Oh well, better luck next time boys!

One Day Later: Hang out with your Daily Miltonian! Make us pies, hot toddies, cider, cider donuts, or coffee. Do it because you care. FSD: We’re lovin’ it!


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