It’s All Happening Now

If you’ve stopped by the Miltonian Offices lately, you’d know that we when it comes to music, aka “The Office Ambiance”, our tastes are pretty much Way Stuck in the year 2007. Ever since it started (2007, we mean), we’ve been crazy about it (about 2007, obviously), and the middle of Month Ten (Circa Fall 2) is no exception. We talk about it to everyone we meet. “2007!” we exclaim. “It’s what we’ve been waiting for!” Some people don’t get it, but those who are who are on our trip are on it, man.

We’ve been thinking about our Top Twenty Albums of 2007 for a while now (Yes we know it’s usually Top Ten. But this is 2007 we’re talking about here!) and so far we wouldn’t even know where to start. We’ve got some vids for you though, because we like you, always did. Okay boys, roll ’em.

The facts: This is Scout Niblett. A duet with Will Oldham. This is from her brand-spanking new album. The video was filmed in Portland. Look she’s on the Steel Bridge! We saw Scout play on Tuesday night and for two, maybe three seconds, our hearts stop beating. Then they started again. Yeah, it was one of those shows. We can’t say enough overtly excited things about Scout. She’s an Honorary Miltonian and she doesn’t even know it.

This is a video by No Age. They’re the freshest thing pretty much anywhere right now, and we mean fresh. This shit makes us want to start a movement — any movement, anywhere. This one makes us ride our bikes faster. It impels us to buy more comic books and think hard about not just drinking root beer, but collecting the root beer bottles — especially the rare ones! This one makes us feel cooler than we used to feel. Coolest, even.

Were you at their show at Backspace? Tore’d up in epic fashion. We felt it, we felt it.


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