One Reader Writes

On Power Metal:

Dear Miltonians,

This is bringing me into a new mindset. Metal lyrics are about
greatness. It took Power Metal to make me realize that everything I
was reading and listening to is about everyday life, and ordinary
people with problems, people trying to scrape by in their emotional
lives. Criminals or lazy people cheating the system or falling into
luck. Why am I surrounding myself with these sad sacks when instead
I can be inspired by warriors conquering entire continents. Making
noble sacrifices for their cause, dying for their brothers in arms.
Gods shattering mountains. The chosen one, fulfilling his prophecy
by uniting the three kingdoms. I choose greatness.


Art Andrews is a DJ at WPRB Princeton, a scientist, and our friend.   Last summer Art and I went to a total of seven comic book conventions, often in shady motels off the side of industrial highways in towns you’ll never see in your entire life, and we walked in confidently with checklists in hand and walked out with bags full of quarter bin steals and reconvened at roadside diners where we ate burgers and discussed superheroes in earnest.  You can’t take those memories from me no matter how hard you try.  Got an electronic letter you’d like to share with the rest of the free Miltonian world? Just slip it into an email, address it to and press SEND and you’re all good to go!


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