Freaks, Yes. But Geeks?

What more do we need to tell you? The Stumptown Comics Fest is happening right now, as we speak, at the DoubleTree Hotel, Lloyd Center, blah blah blah. You’re either plugged into this or you couldn’t care less, but if you need it and you forgot about it, we’re here to remind you. Personally, we prefer the more Superhero-y comics fests to the Indie-ish Comics fests because, well, the more commercial ones are dorkier and the Indie ones are, well, actually cooler. Not that we don’t think cool is cool, because it is cool and we believe it to be so, but when it comes to comics the last thing we want is cool. We want the opposite of cool. We want what geeks want. We want to be geeks in a world where there is no cool. We want you to name all of the original Marauders, you know, the ones who were responsible for the Mutant Massacre back in ’86.

That said, we have no problem with today (and tomorrow’s) comic fest, and in fact are madly in love with some of the creators who will be there. Peter Bagge. Mike Allred. Ted Rall. Matt Wagner! These people make great, great comics, comics we love, comics that keep us alive. It’s the fans we worry about. No snobs, please! Just dorks! AND NO MORE FUCKING SCRATCHY STYLE NON-GOOD INDIE CRAP COMICS ABOUT EX-GIRLFRIENDS SAVE IT FOR YOUR SHITTY ZINE OK?

Ladies and gentlemen, may we present the Enemy: Jeffrey “I Am Ruining Comics” Brown:

Kids, do not try this at home, or at a coffee shop where some cute girl with cat-eye glasses is checking you out as you do this in your notebook. Don’t try this at all. Thank you. Signed, Your only friends who are constantly thinking in your best interests, Fort Saint Davids and the Daily Miltonian.


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