Welcome Back, Heroes

September: Virgo birthdays, new leases, back to school clothes, returning thoughts of hot chocolate, and NEW TV.  Summer ended on Friday, Fall 1 began on Saturday, and this Monday night, it’s not football we’re rooting for, it’s Hiro.  Grab some rootbeer and a bucket of icecream, throw some popcorn in the microwave then sprinkle generously with parmesan cheese, put smothered nachos in the oven, whatever it takes to make this a party, invite over your usual crew and try to convince that New Autumn Crush to come over (you did make sure to lend your New Autumn Crush that Heroes Season 1 boxed set with ample time for your NAC to catch up, didn’t you?  Please tell me you did) because Television Seasons only start once and Heroes is starting NOW.

Alright, dim the lights people and shhhh no talking until commercial break.


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