Daily Miltonian Presents: Get Into It!

Let the haters hate, and let those who love art — that is, Art so awesome and real that we can actually remove the capital A and just call it art once again — rejoice. This…is it a movie? An installation in your DVD player? Is it a lifestyle? It’s an awesome thing, is what it is, and the Daily Miltonian commands you: get into it!

The Liars have a new album and once again: who knew it would sound like this? Here at the Miltonian offices, we slap this puppy down on the turntable, drop the needle, and go ape. This one makes us want to buy root beer, uncap the root beer, head out into the drizzlygray afternoon with the root beer in hand, meet our friend on Burnside, and when our friend says “Burnside is not a great street. It’s big, it’s noisy, it’s not bike friendly, it’s–” we’ll say now now friend, calm down, and consider Burnside as a concept, like in the way we were discussing how Inland Empire is not so much of a movie as a…well you get what we’re saying, don’t you? What if Burnside wasn’t a street but something else? Would we judge it for it’s Not-So-Good-Streetness ever again? Of course not, my friend, because it’s no longer a street it’s…something else.

At which point our friend will look at us…or look at you, since she’s your friend
too, and will ask, nay, demand, a sip of our root beer. And who are any of us to deny her?

Get into root beer! Get thirsty for it, seek it out, and drink it.  Drink some, get more, drink again!  Root beer!  Oh yeah!  What are you waiting for, do it now!


2 thoughts on “Daily Miltonian Presents: Get Into It!

  1. In college I didn’t drink at all. I was kind of a pansy. So before going to a big party my friends and I would swing by a grocery story so I could buy one of those big IBC root beer bottles that sort of look like a 40oz and I’d go to the party sipping from it and everybody would be like, “Dude! Brady’s hitting the 40!” and I’d be like “yeaaaahhh!!!”

  2. Inland Empire blew my mind. I tried to watch it three times and the atmosphere was never right. Maybe I need to have a dark room screening with a projector. I’m not too hype on the d/v, but I’m already excited to watch it again.

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