Give A Hoot!

As you may have read, there is an owl in Forest Park that we sometimes visit. He’s our pal. His name his Julio. He’s always asleep. We thought: maybe he’s depressed? Then we realized, wait Julio is an owl, and owls sleep all day. So yesterday we visited Julio in the evening. And holy wow, not only is he wide awake: he ready to rock the fuck out. As in hooting. You hoot, he hoots. We hooted with him for, oh a half hour, maybe longer. Could he have hooted longer? Oh definitely. In fact, we’ll be the first to admit that Julio could easily outhoot us, hands (or claws) down, any day of the week. Next visit we’re going to work on our hoot harmonizing. Julio hits the B, we hit the B sharp, that kind of thing, you know. Music maaan, it’s for everyone.

Below is a very short movie we made. Click it and you can hear our friend hoot.

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