This Is Hardcore

The following photographs are from the past few weeks, catching you up on where we’ve been and what’s going on. Plug into a snapshot of the now. These are our images. This is our music.

This is Deerhunter, shattering glass with guitars and making illness a celebration. We were afraid, and we enjoyed it.

This is Roky Erickson, and we can’t believe we were lucky enough to see this. This is a miracle. This is rock and roll.

This is Grizzly Bear. In turns sleepy, magic, distant, cold, majestic and awesome. Lullabies for the weird.

This is Calvin Johnson. Duh.

This is the PNCA Security and Maintenance Art Show.

And so is this. You should come to this, by the way. It’s in the 3D Building, at PNCA. It’s art by people we know, like, and trust. You’ll enjoy it.

This is illegal.

This is one mean motherfucking cat.

This is Damo Suzuki, of the legendary krautrockians Can. He’s playing here with members of Portland noise/weird/strange units. This is wild.

This is a gang, and I’m in it.

This is Portland, the city where every day we wake up and thank our lucky stars that we’re actually allowed to live in a place that continues to be this totally amazing pretty much on a minute by minute basis.

This is a birthday.


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