Asking Your City To Pee In A Cup

As a follow-up to those charming studies in Italy finding that the Po river daily moves about 4 kilos of coke, that Florentines average a line apiece after dinner, and that the air in Rome will get you super high, researchers from Oregon State University have figured out how to test the wastewater of entire US cities for any old thing we snort, shoot, sip, or pop.

Translation: That’s raw sewage they’re dipping their sticks in, people. It’s a citywide pee-check.

Totally gets you high

Seems the pope’s not the only one getting high every day.

The study’s only conclusive finding so far: Get ready: Turns out we all do recreational drugs (coke, pot, X, LSD) more often on weekends than during the week.

Other “recreational” activities found to be more common on the weekend included kite sailing and hayrides.

Not appropriate.

From here at the Fort St. Davids NW-NW office, I have to say: this life is looking rosier every day. There are cameras underground, telling us how we dance.


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