Ever Since I Was A Young Boy

Just when you thought the Epic Series was ending (Summer: This Summer’s Smash Hit), here comes the Latest Chapter…Summer Four: Endless Summer. Some things to keep in mind, re: S4. One: we truly believe that summer will never end. Two: when it’s warm, we swim. And three: high scores.

King of Kong is currently playing at Cinema 21, conveniently located just down the street from our NW/NW offices. This is the trailer for the film:

So, in the spirit of S4 End-of-Summer Competition, we are sending out a request to you, our dear Daily readers, for your high scores. It’s a fact, this town is chock-full of vintage arcade consoles, often to be found in the dardnest of places (There’s a Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker at Pizza Schmizza, for chrissakes!). So it doesn’t matter where you find the machine…although, obviously Ground Kontrol is your source for the most machines in one easy-to-manage space. Just play the machine. And by play we mean play to win.

Cameraphone, digital photo, Polaroid, don’t matter. Get as high of a score as possible and snap a pic of the high-score screen with your initials on there. Because you are our friend and we know you are honest, we will believe the initials are yours. Send the fruits of your labor to our BRAND NEW/WAY SHINY email address, dailymiltonian@gmail.com!

Ladies? Gentlemen? Grab your quarters and go to town. We’ll be right here, waiting for your results.


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