Born On The Bayou

SWAMP! is the tentative title for a tentative project for FSD’s tentative new imprint: FSD. Swamp! will be an anthology of stories, artworks, and comix about monsters that live in swamps. If interested in contributing to such a project, do write us. The final product will most likely be executed on the smallest budget possible, probably in the form of a crude zine. But it will be a product that you can hold, which is good, because everyone should have a portable compedium of stories and illustrations that feature gruesome swamp creatures living in swamps. Get caught reading this one on the bus.

Related: have you ever been to a swamp? Do you think about swamps often? Are there swamps near where you live? Do you live inside an actual swamp? These are important questions, to us, on this particular afternoon.

FSD/NW/PDX/Adventureclub/Sodaquest: boat leaves tomorrow, heading into Vancouver, WA, for sodas. Check frequently for future locations/destinations/activities/stuffs. Sodas.

We’re currently excited about this prospect, the prospect of crossing the state line, heading north, to drink soda. We’re thirsty right now, and only soda can save us. Soda! The quest for soda.


One thought on “Born On The Bayou

  1. Word is there’s a Maple Tree Swamp down by the airport. I’m gonna go draw some pictures for you this weekend, goshdurnit!
    Any Philadelphians want to come do some sketchy sketching with me?

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