Much as every scandal becomes true once you append a -gate to it (Watergate, Whitewatergate, Blackwatergate, China Gate [below]), every trendlet stirring the waters has at its edge a -core, whether it be hard-, emo-, metal-, post-, or, at the moment, Mumblecore, as gamely humored in the New York Times.Chinagate

Mumblecore is a bunch of low-budget movies made by, for and about the American zeitgeist’s current salt of the earth: young, upper-middle-class-to-rich, overeducated white kids, nervous about sex, who talk a lot and look sort of dateable. You know, Noah Baumbach types, but soft-talky.

It would be easy to hate on this, but it’s official: We here at the Daily Miltonian hereby salute every movement with a name on it, especially if you stick your hands in your pockets and shuffle around nervously when people ask you about it.

Here’s an unofficial Mumblecore Diagram. Go crazy, you crazy kids:



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